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Njoftim i datës 19 Prill 2016 We are looking for an Information Technologies (IT) Company for providing services to the National Support Service (NSS) of the European Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) in Albania

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An IT company is going to be sub-contracted for providing services to NAVETQ as the National Support Services (NSS) of EPALE, namely on the development of IT solutions for storing and publishing Adult Learning information related to providers, experts, activities and key-resources, as well on the maintenance of the IT infrastructure and software, including social media, in the framework of EPALE promotion in Albania, as described above. The companies should have experience in providing IT services to public institutions, namely on the education and training field, producing similar high-quality systems and products, including experience on social media. In the process of evaluating companies’ proposals, the following factors criteria will be kept in consideration:
  1. General company profile (experience in the market, customer base, solution portfolio, etc.)
  2. Relevance of:
  • Specialized Knowledge in Information Technologies and Management Information Systems, including web tools and social media
  • Experience on similar projects/activities/in organizing IT trainings and on the job support to public administration personnel
  • Established methodologies for software analysis, implementation testing and support in public services
  1. Similar work for public or governmental institutions or agencies would be considered an asset
  2. Adequacy of the technical and financial proposal to the objectives of the present Terms of Reference
  3. The company should provide one IT specialist/employee with previous experience in implementing similar solutions to public administration.
  4. The project should be managed by a team leader who has 5+ years of country-based work experience in the field of information technology and management information systems.
The firm is expected to produce the following deliverables within Work Package 2. Contribution to the content of the platformWork Package 3. Animating on-line communities and interactive/social sections of the EPALE platform and Work Package 4: Maintenance of NSS pages:
  • Existing database of Adult Learning providers and experts reshuffled according to the current needs of EPALE, published on-line and ready for being updated by different users (by July 2016)
  • A Maintenance Plan with the identification of the frequency of uploading information according to guidelines of the CSS is drafted in cooperation with NAVETQ
  • Maintenance of the IT infrastructure in order to incorporate the needs and requirements of EPALE in the NAVETQ/MoSWY website and other related social media
  • Updating the EPALE NSS web page for Albania, with contents in both ENG and ALB languages
  • Capacity building of the IT staff in charge of administrating EPALE database at NSS and on the topics related to social media contents production and usage
  • Training package on moderation of on-line discussions and e-skills to produce contents for and use social media (Facebook, Twitter, and others) and one training action to 4 participants organized and delivered, in cooperation with the Communication and Public Relations company and under NAVETQ coordination.
Interested applicants are required to submit a Technical and Financial Offer, including at least two examples of similar projects. The technical and financial offers must be submitted in separate closed envelopes. The application should be submitted to the following via post to the address: AKAFPK, Street “Naim Frasheri”, Nr. 37, Tirana. Deadline for application: April 28th 2016, 16:30 hrs More information about EPALE can be found at: or