July 31 2023


Continuing work on the European project MoMaVET – Mobility Managers for VET in Albania!

After 6 months of activity, on June 27 the project partners joined together to review the results achieved and identify the next steps to follow to achieve the project's objective: 🎯strengthening the Albanian professional training system in the implementation of Erasmus+ projects, with particular regard to international student mobility projects. In this first semester: ✔️the readiness of the Vocational Education and Training system and schools to include student mobility programs has been assessed ✔️ The management and implementation of the Erasmus+ program in Italy has been shared with the Albanian colleagues. After this first phase of studying the Albanian training system, even through visits and evaluations of schools, #IFOA together with partners is ready to design the first set of skills that will serve the Mobility Managers of the future! 📅 The next meeting is planned for September and the results achieved will be evaluated!

Study visit at INAPP

Today the #INAPP welcomes the study visit of the Albanian delegation consisting of the 📍 director and officials of the Albanese National Agency for Vocational Training and Qualifications (#NAVETQ) and IFOA Useful Knowledge 💬 owner of the project “Mo.Ma.VET-Mobility Managers for Vocational Education and Training in Albania”, approved by the Executive Agency Europe for education and culture, #EACEA. 🔖 The visit is institutional to present ✅ INAPP, its mission, internal organization and transnational activities, with a focus on mobility financed by Erasmus + KA1. The meeting focuses on the following topics: ◾ the Institute and its activities 🔹 institutional greetings and presentation by the Director of the National Agency #Erasmus+ INAPP 🎙 Ismene Tramontano; ◾ the Agency Erasmus+ Inapp and the #mobility financed in the field of #VET, with the intervention of ▶ Valentina Benni; ◾ the national VET system and the accreditation of educational institutions, with the report by 🎤 Daniela Carlini; ◾ The Work and Qualifications Atlanta, i.e. a detailed map of #work and #qualifications. 💬 Stories: Sonia Cinti and Angela Barruffi.

MoMaVET European Project: an exchange of experiences between the Emilia-Romagna Region and Albania

On May 8 in Bologna📍, at the headquarters of the Emilia Romagna Region, #IFOA organized a study visit inviting senior officials of the Albanian Agency for Vocational Training and Qualifications, within the framework of the Erasmus+ project #MoMaVET. The purpose of the meeting was to share the Region’s good practice on student mobility programs and present the opportunities provided by European funds. The topics of comparison and discussion were different: the key action of the Erasmus+ program, the strategies for the internationalization of education and vocational training (financed by European funds) and governance issues. A profitable comparison full of hints for all participants❗ Special thanks from #IFOA: - to the Region #EmiliaRomagna for the support and hospitality; - to ART-ER Attrattività Ricerca Territorio and to Agjencia Kombëtare e Arsimit, Formimit Profesional dhe Kualifikimeve for the profitable participation. The purpose of the MoMaVET project❓ It aims to increase the capacity of governance and Albanian schools of vocational education and training, to develop and implement internationalization strategies, through mobility for learning and finally to prepare the countries involved (Italy and Greece) to host students from Albania in the future.

IFOA visits Vocational Education and Training schools in Albania

For the MoMaVET European project, IFOA has been in 📍 Albania (in Tirana and Durres) to visit the schools of Vocational Education and Training in the tourism, agri-food and ICT sectors. In these territories, hit hard by the earthquake in 2019 and later by the pandemic, the competence, professionalism and tenacity of the people were perceived, but above all the determination of the school leaders and teachers who put the welfare of the student first and consider the development of the central school for the socio-economic growth of the territory❗ 👉 Thereby raises awareness that the time is ripe to take the first steps towards the internationalization of schools and their involvement in European mobility activities financed by the Erasmus+ program and the MoMaVET project. A special thanks to the Albanian Agency for Vocational Education and Training Shkolla e Mesme Profesionale "Beqir Çela" Durrës and to the host schools Agjencia Kombëtare e Arsimit, Formimit Profesional dhe Kualifikimeve Shkolla e Mesme Profesionale Kamëz , Shkolla Teknike Ekonomike , Shkolla Hoteleri-Turizem, Shkolla Hysni Cela.

The kick off meeting in Tirana

The kick off meeting in Tirana on March 9 and 10 announces the launch of the MoMaVET European Project “Mobility Managers for Vocational Education and Training in Albania”, financed by the Erasmus+ program. #Ifoa, together with the other partners of the project, was hosted by the Albanian National Agency for Vocational Training and Qualifications (NAVETQ - Agjencia Kombëtare e Arsimit, Formimit Profesional dhe Kualifikimeve ). The meeting provided the opportunity to have a direct confrontation with the Albanian vocational training system and in particular with beneficiary schools to understand the state of the art, the strengths and short and medium term lines of action.