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Njoftim i datës 1 Nëntor 2018 – We are looking for EPALE Ambassador

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The National Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Qualifications (NAVETQ) as the National Support Service for European Platform for Adult Learning Education (ALE) in Europe (EPALE) have been awarded a grant from the European Programs for Education and Youth, Erasmus+. The project aims as follows: (i) to bring EPALE to the adult learning community in Albania, and motivating this community to participate on its activities; and (ii) support the Central Support Service in delivering quality content in a multilingual, dynamic, interactive and innovative platform, through the upload of contents, and it intends to apply part of the proceeds for payment of individual consultancy services under this Project. The NAVETQ, needs to engage EPALE Ambassador for supporting the development of contents for the “Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) in Albania”. Objective of the Assignment
  • to assure the quality of the deliverables produced by NAVETQ as the National Support Service to promote EPALE in Albania;
  • to provide technical advice to the NSS on the development of the planned activities and on the potential impact of such initiatives in Albania.
Scope of work
  • Identifying content and resources for EPALE, minimum 1 uploads from November – December 2018
  • Writing blogs and articles, minimum 2 from November – December 2018.
  • Promote EPALE and recruit users at events for adult education professionals, minimum 1 event from November – December 2018
  • Animate EPALE by commenting on content and contributing to discussions and editorial events, with a minimum of one discussion from November – December 2018
  • Assist in mapping the sector and identifying key stakeholders related to adult learning in Albania
  • Participate in webinars related to EPALE
  • Actively contribute to the EPALE community and social media, disseminating information, initiating debates and actively participating in them.
Qualification Requirement The EPALE ambassador should have:
  • Master Degree or Postgraduate studies in Educational or Social Sciences, Economics, Adult Learning (or related areas)
  • Proven ability to work as an adult education professional
  • Good organizational skills
  • Extensive Knowledge and Work Experience in Adult Learning and Lifelong Learning topics – minimum 3 years of experience in related topics
  • Demonstrated capacity to communicate effectively
Interested applicants are required to submit the application package to the following email address: The application package should comprise:
  1. a technical offer including a recently updated CV, an application request and a copy of the diploma of the highest degree achieved.
Deadline for application: 15th of November 2018, 16:30rs (CET). More information about EPALE can be found at: or For further inquiry on the application procedure, please consult us at: and/or ejvis.gishti 1_ToR_EPALE-2018_Epale-Ambasador-1-november-2018 3_2018_Request-for-expressions-of-interest_EPALE-Ambassador-1-November-2018 Tirana, 1st November, 2018