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Njoftim i dates 19 Prill 2022 – We are looking for IT Expert of the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) in Albania”

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The National Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Qualifications (NAVETQ) as the National Support Service for ELECTRONIC Platform for Adult Learning Education (ALE) in Europe (EPALE) have been awarded a grant from the ELECTRONIC Programs for Education and Youth, Erasmus+. The project aims as follows: (i) to bring EPALE to the adult learning community in Albania, and motivating this community to participate on its activities; and (ii) support the Central Support Service in delivering quality content in a multilingual, dynamic, interactive and innovative platform, through the upload of contents, and it intends to apply part of the proceeds for payment of individual consultancy services under this Project.

The National Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Qualifications (NAVETQ) as the National Support Service for EPALE has, therefore, submitted a proposal to develop a set of activities to promote the ELECTRONIC Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) in Albania, to be implemented between April 2022 and December 2024, as a first initiative as a candidate country in this field.

Objective of the Assignment

The current project aims at promoting the EPALE in Albania through the recruitment of users and the development of specific activities related to adult learning, including the allocation of the necessary human and financial resources to NAVETQ, and networking.

In its scope, there is a need for an Information Technologies (IT) Expert, which will provide services to NAVETQ as the National Support Services (NSS) of EPALE, namely on the development of IT solutions for storing and publishing Adult Learning information related to

providers, experts, activities and key-resources, as well on the maintenance of the IT infrastructure and software, including social media, in the framework of EPALE promotion in Albania.

Scope of work

The Expert is expected to produce the following deliverables within: (i) contribution to the content of the platform, (ii) animating on-line communities and interactive/social sections of the EPALE platform, (iii) maintenance of NSS web, (iv) capacity building of the IT staf, (v) training package on moderation of on-line discussions and e-skills to produce contents for and use social media (Facebook, Twitter, and others).

Qualification Requirement

The Expert should have experience in providing IT services to public institutions, namely on the education and training field, producing similar high-quality systems and products, including experience on social media.

  1. Bachelor or Master Degree in Information and Communication Technology
  1. The expert should be one IT specialist/employee with previous experience in implementing similar solutions to public administration.
  1. The expert should have 5+ years of work experience in the field of information technology and management information systems.

Evaluation procedure

Expert’s Applications will be evaluated based on a cumulative analysis taking into consideration the combination of the technical qualifications and financial proposal.

Technical Criterion– max 80%

Criterion A: Qualifications and skills – max 30%

Criterion B: General proffessional experince – max 30%

Criterion C: Specific proffessional experience – max 40%

Only the highest ranked Expert candidates who would be awarded a minimum of 80% of the technical evaluation score will be considered for the financial Evaluation.

Financial Criterion – max 20%

Reporting and Duration

The deliverables described within these Terms of Reference are to be produced as per the request of the Contracting Authority, i.e. the NAVETQ, based on the work plan of the project in quest. This work plan will be shared with the selected Expert by the time of the signature of the contract.

It is expected that the contract will last until 31th of December 2024.

The Expert is expected to deliver Periodic Reports (every two weeks) during different phases of the work and a Final Report upon accomplishment of works.

Payment Schedule

Payment will be made upon delivery of agreed deliverables and working days performed.

Interested applicants may obtain further information regarding the Terms of Reference at the websites:; http://www.

or at the address below, Monday-Thursday, from 08:00 to 16:30 hrs and Friday from 08:00 to 14:00 hrs.

“ELECTRONIC Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) National Support Services for Albania Project

National Agency of Vocational Education Training and Qualifications Adr: Str.” Mustafa Lleshi, “, Tirana, Albania Tel: + 355 4 2237087

Interested applicants should submit:

  • Technical and Financial Offer, including at least two examples of similar projects
  • a recently updated CV,
  • an application request and
  • a copy of the diploma of the highest degree achieved.

Deadline for application 26 th of April 2022.

The application should be delivered in a written form (post) to the address below:

National Agency of Vocational Education Training and Qualifications

Adr: Str.”Mustafa Lleshti”,

E-mail address:

Tirana, Albania

Attn: Mrs. Ejvis Gishti

General Director

The right corner of the envelope or subject of the e-mail must indicate the relevant position of interest.