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Njoftim i dates 19 Prill 2022 – We are looking for PR Expert of the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) in Albania”

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The National Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Qualifications (NAVETQ) as the National Support Service for European Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) have been awarded a grant from the European Programs for Education and Youth, Erasmus+is. The project aims as follows: (i) to bring EPALE to the adult learning community in Albania, and motivating this community to participate on its activities; and (ii) support the Central Support Service in delivering quality content in a multilingual, dynamic, interactive and innovative platform, through the upload of contents in both English and Albanian languages

The reforming policy of Albania’s education and training system, besides taking into account such traditional issues as: curriculum development, training of teachers/instructors, equipping schools/centres, is going to be oriented toward a “systemic reform” which is going to address issues, such as: Albanian Qualification Framework, capacity building, institutional building, skills needs analysis, social partnership, etc.  Adult learning is quite new and very important reforming area for Albania like for all South Eastern European Countries. Its importance is even higher considering the path and the pace of the economic reforms implemented during transition and the respective consequences, the size, the structure and the development level of the private sector, the average skill level of the work force which is far from guaranteeing the economy and the labour force to become competitive in a regionalized and globalized world.

Scope of the assignment

Adult learning is close to, but not synonymous with, continuing vocational education and training. It is usually used: (i) to provide compensatory learning in basic skills, which individuals may not have acquired in their initial education (such as literacy, numeracy, etc.); (ii) to enable people (a) to access and attain qualifications not gained, for various reasons, in the initial education and training system, (b) to acquire, improve or update skills or competences in a specific field; this is continuing vocational education and training. At present the concept of adult learning is not well introduced and developed in the education and training reforms and the awareness about it is still low at all levels of governance as well as among population.

This project aims to contribute to this contextual challenge of Albania, by providing this set of activities: (i) the design and implementation of a 2-years Communication Strategy to resume the promotion of EPALE in Albania and continuing recruit users and contributors; (ii) continuous updating of the information about Lifelong Learning in Albania available at EPALE and development of animation strategies through social media and virtual communities to expand the Lifelong Learning community in the country, and to motivate adult learners, adult educators, the Albanian businesses and the society in general; (iii) providing of the content in regarding to adult learning to NAVETQ webpage on EPALE, cross linking it to other public and private institutions operating in the education and training field; and (iv) support to multilingualism through the uploading of contents related to lifelong learning in Albanian language, exploiting the cultural and identity dimensions of adult learning activities.

This assignment’s final objective will be the update and the implementations of the overall communication strategy aiming at promoting EPALE and Albanian Adult learning practices and policies, involving the main stakeholders on EPALE activities and to recruit domestic and international users.  

The expert will perform the following tasks / outputs:

  • Improving the communications strategy in the context of COVID 19 and promoting role models in AL.
  • Fulfilling basic PR duties inclusive of serving as the day-to-day media contact, attending to simple media requests for information and images, putting together activity re-cap reports for consumers, securing high-quality and consistent media placements through regular and active pitching via phone, and in-person media/consumer interactions.
  • Contribution with relevant images in preparing a media campaign on EPALE;
  • Contribution with media campaign in organising of Annual workshop and other project activities carried out in Albania involving the relevant national and international stakeholders;
  • Handles the research, drafting, and distribution of pitch documents and press releases. He additionally builds, maintains, and organizes internal lists of social and media influencers that should take interest in and engage.
  • The PR expert is also tasked with the formulation and creation of editorial calendars, media mailings, and press kits.
  • Promote EPALE through relevant events, social media and networks of multipliers
  • With his strategy he should reach a wide range of EPALE users, including adult learning professionals, practitioners and policy makers


  • Inception Report – A preliminary report, with a detailed work plan, methodological tools. The inception report should be agreed upon with the representative of NAVETQ and present in details the working plan and expected outcomes.
  • Annual workshops for presenting and discussing the EPALE project activities carried out in Albania involving the relevant national and international stakeholders; workshop organized in Tirana for 70 participants (one per year)
  • Regional Coffee-meetings organized and conducted in the main regions of the country – North, Centre, and South, for 25 participants each.
  • Organisation of events, courses and webinars to inform users/stakeholders
  • Publications in local, regional and national media; placements in print media, interviews, and other media relations and communication;
  • Online or offline communication activities, including production of videos, infographics,

Competencies and Critical Success Factors

  • Qualifications and/or work experience in relevant subject area
  • Demonstrable understanding of working in international and intercultural context
  • Knowledge of project management and evidence of its practice
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, including presentation and facilitation skills
  • Ability to be flexible and fit within a team that has a strong values-based approach to work Understanding of the adult and/or further education sector
  • Proficiency in a wide range of social media, blogging and online communities
  • Ability to work to concrete deadlines, meet targets and work independently and interdependently in a high functioning environment

Recruitment Qualifications

  • Advanced University Degree in economics, labour economics, socio-economic studies, education or a closely related discipline.
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Organisation and planning
  • Networking and influencing
  • Interpersonal understanding
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, including presentation and facilitation skills
  • Excellent communication and report-writing skills in English and Albanian. 

Time frame and scope of the assignment

The above mentioned assignment deliverables are expected to be performed in a time span of 33 months, starting from April 2022 – December 2024 with a work load of a total of 99 working days. The inception report should be submitted within 2 weeks after the contract signature between the two parties.


The expert will be reporting to the contractor, periodically (every two weeks) on the progress of the work. The contractor will assure that all deliverables produced by expert are supplied to NAVETQ in high quality in accordance with ToR and within stipulated deadlines.


The Expert will be working independently, however if some working place is needed for meeting or presentation NAVETQ will provide a working station for the consultant.

Travel and communication costs will be covered by the expert, however coordination and support will be offered to the expert by the technical coordinator of this task at NAVETQ.

How and where to apply

Interested applicants are required to submit an Expression of Interest and a separate financial offer for this assignment to the following email address: The application package is required to include a recently updated CV, a copy of the diploma of the highest degree achieved and a name as referee.

Deadline for application: April 26th, 2022, 16:30 hrs

More information about EPALE can be found at: or